Truth and life
It takes two to tango
What control in relationships means to me
Being yourself in relationships
Men and clothes
This place in my life feels right
It's not really natural for either of us
A marriage of understanding, passion and pregnancy
Where these men come from...
How I discovered what I need
Are Men Necessary?

We don’t have to marry anymore. People may still give look down upon divorce but it’s so common that it’s almost expected; so is cohabitation. But, just look at how gaga we get over something Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding, and Kim and Kris’.It’s like we still want to believe in the happily-ever-after part even though we know it rarely ends up that way.

So if half of those marriages end up in divorce (and many men complain about they hate paying spousal support), and who-knows-how-many are married but cheating, and choice moms are having babies with sperm donors (who needs a husband if you can just have a kid?), and more people are living together … you have to wonder why people still get married.

Can it be that we just love the idea of marriage more than the actual reality of it?

I wish Kim and Kris and anyone else who’s tying the knot the best. Hopefully, they’ve given a lot of thought into picking the right partner, especially if they hope to have kids one day. I’m quite done with marriage myself — one wedding was enough! — but I sure do like re-creating honeymoon nights …

Is marriage irrelevant?
Why did you get married?
If you married again, would it be for the same reason or something else?