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The system is brilliant, self perpetuating and fullproof start to finish. Give wealth, aid and benefits to single mothers, draining the resources of the general population. Those areas will become high crime areas due to poverty. The boys/men, will shack up with other women, some with the women and their own kids, some with women and their kids. The boys/men still need a place to stay and food to eat, the women want companionship and protection for themselves and their children.

The state needs more police for these high crime areas as the poor boys/men steal scraps from each other and start stealing from areas only slightly above the poverty line. Besides more police you also need courts, lawyers, probation officers, administrators, rehab, agencies and so on. This puts a further drain on the population pulling the wealth of those slightly better down just a little bit. For every one man that makes it out, two men slip into that area. The women in each successive generation quickly realize the hopelessness of the situation and make the only choice possible. Women can’t compete with men for manual labor positions so the best they can do is a  McDonalds employee.

More women help programs and agencies to help educate poor women with children to get them out poverty and into a big CEO or management system. The media shows a woman who is now a big shot something or another due to a state program as proof of the programs worth and it should be expanded. They neglect to tell you the program costs two million per success , 70% of the women settle down with a well of husband after several years in the rat race and in the meantime more women have slipped into the have not section of society.